Manufacture of parts for Automotive

Production of Parts for the Automotive Industry

The specialisation of the Kovo Division is the provision of a complete range of semi-finished aluminium products such as aluminium (Al) profile bars or castings of aluminium and aluminium alloys (duralumin), the purchase of semi-finished components for the aluminium products and the processing of aluminium and duralumin using CNC technology, in accordance with the customers’ requirements. 
The most commonly employed materials for aluminium products used in the automotive industry are: 
EN AW6061 (AlMg1SiCu); EN AW6262 (AlMg1SiPb); EN AW6063 (AlMg0, 7Si); EN AW6082 (AlSi1MgMn)

The aluminium alloys used for castings are: AlSi10Mg1Mn; AlSi9Cu3; AlSi12Cu

Technical preparation of production

Moving towards finished design work we have carried out many operations: design, assessment, testing, improvement, production, delivery. Our engineers are fully aware that good technical preparation of production means the smooth conduct of subsequent production.

Optimization, Productivity

An important element of our continued interest in the optimization of the manufacturing process of using the Edge-cam SW support and knowledge of our engineers. In the interest of efficient use of CNC technology production in continuous operation in 7 day work week.


Our main partners are:

TI Automotive parts of air condition lines
Maflow   parts of air condition lines
Continental   body of sensors
Norgren   parts of pneumatic components
Zetor   parts of tractors and production of spare parts
Makita   parts of hand tools
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Logistics solutions are prepared for the needs of our partners, who come from all over the world. Our experience includes logistics solutions for small and large series of contract.

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