METAL Division – metalworking, mechanical assemblies


METAL division specializes in manufacturing of metal products and mechanical assemblies for various industrial sectors. With more than 30 years of experience and three production plants, we are able to provide first-class services in the field of metalworking and assembly to our customers. Using modern and highly productive machines, we take care of the whole production process from production preparation to completion based on a flexible and reliable project-based approach.

We are able to provide surface treatment according to customer’s requirements, hardening, pressing, castings, semi-finished products, assembly or welding.


  • 35 CNC machines (18 turning machines, 14 milling centres, 4-axis milling machine, 5-axis milling machine, milling machine)
  • 2 highly productive automats with rotary clock table Pfiffner Hydromat
  • Degreasing machines SUMMA and Dürr
  • Coordinate 3D measuring machines, contour graphs for accurate and precise contour measurement, surface roughness and rounding
  • Tumbling equipment – efficient surface treatment: deburring, polishing and cleaning
  • Hardening machine with GV series high-frequency generator
  • Soldering equipment
  • Chip management
  • Automatic circular saws

Technical preparation of production

Moving towards finished design work we have carried out many operations: design, assessment, testing, improvement, production, delivery. Our engineers are fully aware that good technical preparation of production means the smooth conduct of subsequent production.

Optimization & Productivity

An important element of our continued interest in the optimization of the manufacturing process of using the Edge-cam SW support and knowledge of our engineers. In the interest of efficient use of CNC technology production in continuous operation in 7 day work week.